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Alex Scott Fairley


Actor / Proof-reader / Writer / Teacher





Hallo! I’m Alex; thank you for visiting my website! 


I mostly work as a stage actor.


My credits include several seasons at Pitlochry Festival Theatre. There I’ve appeared in Chicago, Travesties, High Society, Absurd Person Singular, A Chorus of Disapproval, Lady Windermere’s Fan and a few more! I’ve also toured the UK in shows such as Round The Horne, The Shakespeare Revue, Stiles and Drewe’s The Three Little Pigs, and Blood Brothers I’ve played some of my favorite roles in Enjoy!, Doctor Faustus, The Tempest and Alice in Wonderland, in Vienna in A Capital Affair, and in the USA in The Gruffalo!  I’ve played Romeo und Julia in German, been a puppeteer for a sad bird in Room On The Broom, and been booed and hissed in quite a few pantomimes! I’ve also helped in devising and R&D for plays and projects for companies including Tall Stories and Guildford Shakespeare Company.

I also work as a proof-reader and translator.


I've proof-read and translated for many clients, from Volkswagen, to the University of Bern. I speak German and French, and I’ve even translated Der Grüffelo for Junges Theater, Bonn. I graduated with a first in English from Jesus College, Oxford.


In addition, I regularly teach. 


I most often teach drama workshops, for a number of theatres and companies, but I’ve also taught English, French, German, Latin, and even geography as a freelance tutor.

In my spare time, I’m a nature enthusiast, and love travelling to different parts of the UK to see rare plants and animals. I also enjoy running, and regularly practice yoga. I’m an avid reader, too. My latest mission has made me into a Munro-bagger, which means I’m trying to summit all the peaks in Scotland that are over 3,000ft tall.

If you’d like to wish me luck with that, or ask me anything else, about my acting, teaching, or writing work, please e-mail me at, or come and follow me on twitter!

Acting Work

As an actor I’m represented by Andy Charles at VSA LTD. He can be contacted at

During the 2020 lockdown, I recorded storytelling sessions on my YouTube channel, 'Stories for my Nephews':




2022 Fleshcreep, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, Lighthouse Theatre, Kettering, Samuel Clemens

2022 Iflly Sney/Old Mother Wra, THE CHRONICLES OF ATOM AND LUNA, Funnelwick Limb UK Tour, Nina Hajiyianni

2022 Iago/Colin, NOTHELLO, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Justine Themen

2022 Rudolf Hess, CALL ME MR. BULLFINCH, Lyceum Theatre Wonder Festival, Liz Carruthers

2022 Hugh Paddick, ROUND THE HORNE, Apollo Theatre Company UK Tour, Tim Astley

2021 Prince Gallant / The Beast, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Corn Exchange, King's Lynn, Ian Marr

2020/2021 Henry Pulling / Taxi Driver / Girl in Jodhpurs / Hatty / Italian Girl / Frau General Schmidt / Turkish Receptionist /  Miss Patterson / Policeman / O'Toole, TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT, Vienna's English Theatre, Philip Dart

2021 John Canty / Lord Hertford, THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER, Hordern Ciani for Swanage Repertory Co. (R&D), Robert Marsden

2020 Ebenezer Scrooge, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Apollo Theatre Company UK Tour, Joseph O'Malley

2020 Hugh Paddick, ROUND THE HORNE, Apollo Theatre Company UK Tour, Tim Astley

2019 Prince Gallant / The Beast, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage, Chris Jordan

2019 Richard Hannay, THE 39 STEPS, Swanage Repertory Co./Thorndike Theatre, Leatherhead, Teresa Barlow and Katherine Mount

2019 Emmett Hawksworth, KEEPING UP APPEARANCES, Swanage Repertory Co., Robert Marsden

2019 Sam Henderson, WAIT UNTIL DARK, Swanage Repertory Co., Nicole Faraday

2019 Doctor Caius / Pistol, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, Guildford Shakespeare Co., Caroline Devlin

2019 Andrew Aguecheek, TWELFTH NIGHT, Guildford Shakespeare Co., Charlotte Conquest

2019 Bobby, PERIL AT SEA, Up The Road Theatre, Nicola Pollard

2018 Wicked Witch, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Millfield Theatre, Marc Day

2018 Mad Hatter, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Guildford Shakespeare Co., Charlotte Conquest

2018 Mary Sunshine, CHICAGO, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Richard Baron and Chris Stuart Wilson

2018 Lieutenant Spicer, QUALITY STREET, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Liz Carruthers  


2018 James Joyce, TRAVESTIES, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Richard Baron

2017 Fleshcreep, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, Millfield Theatre, Marc Day

2017 Dexter Haven, HIGH SOCIETY, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, John Durnin

2017 Sidney Hopcroft, ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Richard Baron

2017 Bevan, PEOPLE, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Patrick Sandford

2017 Toastmaster / Matthew Peake / The Beast / Kelso Truscott / Mouldering Lord, THE RULING CLASS, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, John Durnin

2017 Monstersaurus / Puppeteer, MONSTERSAURUS, Big Wooden Horse Theatre Co., Adam Bampton-Smith

2016 Abanazar, ALADDIN, Millfield Theatre, Marc Day

2016 Various Roles, THE SHAKESPEARE REVUE, Kenny Wax Ltd. / Cambridge Arts Theatre, Malcolm McKee

2016 The Big Bad Wolf, STILES AND DREWE’S THE THREE LITTLE PIGS, Kenny Wax Ltd., Ewan Jones

2016 Various Roles, MATCHBOX THEATRE, Farnham Repertory Company, Brenda Longman

2016 Jerry, BETRAYAL, Farnham Repertory Company (Rehearsed Reading), Maurice Thorogood

2015 Ronnie Jones-Hardup, CINDERELLA, Millfield Theatre, Marc Day

2015 Mad Hatter, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Guildford Shakespeare Co., Charlotte Conquest

2015 Feste, WAS IHR WOLLT / TWELFTH NIGHT, Open House Theatre Vienna, Eric Lomas

2015 Milo Tindle, SLEUTH, Farnham Repertory Company (Rehearsed Reading), William Whymper

2015 Gruffalo / Fox / Owl / Snake, THE GRUFFALO’S CHILD, Tall Stories USA and Canada Tour, Toby Mitchell

2014 Carabosse, SLEEPING BEAUTY, Millfield Theatre, Marc Day

2014 Bus Driver / Puppeteer, PIGEON PARTY, Big Wooden Horse Theatre Co. Malaysia and Singapore Tour National Tour, Adam Bampton-Smith

2014 Benvolio / Paris, ROMEO UND JULIA / ROMEO AND JULIET, Open House Theatre Vienna, Eric Lomas

2014 Trevor, POOL, Brockley Jack Theatre, Kate Bannister

2013 King Rat, DICK WHITTINGTON, Millfield Theatre Enfield, Marc Day

2013 Lord Windermere, LADY WINDERMERE’S FAN, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Richard Baron

2013 Guy Jones, A CHORUS OF DISAPPROVAL, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Richard Baron

2013 Clerk of the Court / Waiter / Ensemble, HELLO, DOLLY!, Piltochry Festival Theatre, John Durnin and Chris Stuart Wilson

2013 Cover Henry Lyppiatt, PRESENT LAUGHTER, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, John Durnin

2013 Cover Assistant / Restorer, SINGLE SPIES, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Richard Baron

2013 Davy / Jessamy, BON TON, Artifice. Kate Napier

2012 Demon King, MOTHER GOOSE, Millfield Theatre Enfield, Marc Day

2012 Doctor Caius / Pistol, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, Guildford Shakespeare Co., Caroline Devlin

2012 First Fairy / Flute, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, Guildford Shakespeare Co., Charlotte Conquest

2012 Sir Brilliant Fashion, THE WAY TO KEEP HIM, Artifice / Bath International Jane Austen Festival, Kate Napier

2012 Alan Turing / Narrator, THE CODE-BREAKER, Apollo Theatre, Tim Astley

2012 Giles, NAILING CUSTARD TO THE WALL, Apollo Theatre Company/Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Tim Astley

2012 Gerald Croft, AN INSPECTOR CALLS, International Theatre Vienna, Eric Lomas

2012 Tuffles / Ensemble, FLAHOOLEY!, Sadler’s Wells, Ian Marshall-Fisher

2011 Policeman / Teacher, BLOOD BROTHERS, Bill Kenwright LTD / Phoenix Theatre London, Bob Tomson

2011 Miguel Correres, MEXICAN HAYRIDE, Sadler’s Wells, Ian Marshall-Fisher

2011 Pope / Emperor / Dick / Horse-Courser / Devil-Bride, DOCTOR FAUSTUS, Creation Theatre, Charlotte Conquest


2010 Jordan Hardup, CINDERELLA, Princes Hall Aldershot, Robert Hopkins and Tracy Collier


2010 Ezekiel North, A CAPITAL AFFAIR, English Theatre of Vienna, Roger Forbes


2010 Bird Puppeteer / Dragon, ROOM ON THE BROOM, Kenneth H. Wax / Tall Stories, UK National Tour, Olivia Jacobs


2010 Jack Chesney, CHARLEY’S AUNT, Manor Pavilion Repertory Theatre Sidmouth, Imogen Vance


2010 Julian Kane, SWEET REVENGE, Manor Pavilion Repertory Theatre Sidmouth, Vernon Thompson


2010 Claude Philby, A BEDFUL OF FOREIGNERS, Manor Pavilion Repertory Theatre Sidmouth, Imogen Vance


2010 Patrick Simmons, A MURDER IS ANNOUNCED, Manor Pavilion Repertory Theatre, Simdouth, Poppy Corbett


2010 Murphy Wood, THE SECRET DIARY OF A CHAV, Tristan Bates Theatre, Omar Okai


2009 Speed, TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre/Guildford Shakespeare Co., Joanna Read

2009 Hortensio, THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre/Guildford Shakespeare Co., Charlotte Conquest

2009 Spiro Kardopolous, SUDDEN DEATHS, Farnham Repertory Company (Rehearsed Reading), Jeremy Swan

2008 Bus Driver, DON’T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS!, Big Wooden Horse Theatre Co. USA National Tour, Juliet Forster 


2007 Ms. Craig, ENJOY!, York Theatre Royal, Damien Cruden and Juliet Forster


2007 Paul Bratter, BAREFOOT IN THE PARK, Manor Pavilion Repertory Theatre Sidmouth, Vernon Thompson


2007 Philip Ashley, MY COUSIN RACHEL, Manor Pavilion Repertory Theatre Sidmouth, Charles Vance


2007 Bob Phillips, HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES, Manor Pavilion Repertory Theatre Sidmouth, Pat Brackenbury


2007 Ariel, THE TEMPEST, Winchester Theatre Royal, Juliet Forster


2006 Gruffalo / Fox / Owl / Snake, THE GRUFFALO’S CHILD, Tall Stories Theatre Co., Toby Mitchell


2006 Fox / Owl / Snake / Cover Mouse / Cover Gruffalo, THE GRUFFALO, Kenneth H. Wax/Tall Stories. UK/USA National Tour, Olivia Jacobs.


2005 Puppeteer / Taxi Driver / Cover Will / Cover Jonathan, MIDNIGHT, Watershed Theatre UK Tour, Vicky Ireland

2004 Porter / First Witch, MACBETH, Enmasse Theatre Company/Union Theatre, Will Oldroyd

2003 Postman / Bus Conductor / Cover Sammy / Cover Mr. Lyons, BLOOD BROTHERS, Bill Kenwright Ltd UK Tour, Bob Tomson

2003 David, NON-SCENE, Garage Theatre Edinburgh, Brian Fillis



2022 Hamlet, THE AMELIA PROJECT: THE ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY, Imploding Fictions, Øystein Brager and Philip Thorne

2020 Ant, THE AMELIA PROJECT: THE NEW PRESIDENT, Imploding Fictions, Øystein Brager and Philip Thorne

2019 Ant, THE AMELIA PROJECT: ANT, Imploding Fictions, Øystein Brager and Philip Thorne



2022 Sulzbach / Golz / Zapp / Wilson / British Army Officer / Narrator, CULTYBRAGGAN CAMP, Comrie Development Trust, Susan Holoran

2021 Narrator, TALL STORIES: TALES OF LIGHT: THE BURIED MOON, Tall Stories, Alex Scott Fairley

2020 Clerk of the Court / Sergeant / Coroner, CAUSE CÉLÈBRE, Classic Play Reading Company, Ben Stock

2020 Noel Coward, SALONATHON ONLINE, Salonathon, Will von Vogt

2020 Storyteller, FAMILY TICKETS: JAKE THE EGG, Family Tickets, Alex Scott Fairley



2015 Bargain Bill, THE CASE, Courtney Gale/William King, Dan Millyard


2014 Man In Shower, LANES CLOSED, Fancy A Jam Pictures, Jack Pollington


2014 Jeffery Rodgers, SUNDAY DINNER WITH THE MORGANS, Fancy A Jam Pictures, Alex Forbes


2014 Pete, TOVE, University of the Creative Arts, Harry Hansford


2014 Zack, COMMUNICATIONS, Bournemouth University, Dovs Rifkins

2013 Brian, PROJECTIONS ON THE WALL, Royal Holloway University, Elena Osokina

2012 Lady Harrop, LADY HARROP RECALLS, Stripy Horse, Dan Hedley


2012 Neighbour, THE TELLTALE HEART, Royal Holloway University, Cemre Emrul


2011 Elevator Man, THE LITTLE MAN, University of the Creative Arts, Dan Haslam


2011 Lover, VEDOVA, Mike Buonaiuto Short Films, Mike Buonaiuto




2010 Police Officer, IN THE HEADLIGHTS, University of the Creative Arts, Dan Haslam



2012 Painter, VODAFONE RED FOR BUSINESS, Vodafone/G2 Joshua



“…Alex Scott Fairley turns in a charismatic and well-judged performance as Guy, the quiet homme fatal who wreaks havoc among the women…” 

from The Scotsman on A CHORUS OF DISAPPROVAL


“[Irene Allan] and [Alex] Scott Fairley display a remarkable tenderness in their scenes together, and the moment in which they first kiss is surprisingly moving…”



“Joyce, played with neat comedy by Alex Scott Fairley, turns into a Celtic-dancing leprechaun of a man…”

from The Sunday Herald on TRAVESTIES


“…most impressive for me was Alex Scott Fairley, playing Hugh Paddick. While all the voices were spot on, he arguably took on the hardest role, due to Paddick's more varied range of character voices.” 

from Den of Geek on ROUND THE HORNE

"Alex Scott Fairley [displays] the deft timing and imaginative characterization that regular Guildford Shakespeare Company supporters have come to expect..."

from The Surrey Advertiser on THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR

"Alex Scott Fairley gives an excellent performance that holds the whole play together. He has a Cleese-like gift for physical comedy, and his diction, as befits the part, is impeccable."

from Scene One Plus on THE 39 STEPS

“…Alex Scott Fairley’s ‘The Night I Appeared As Macbeth’ was, as was everything, immaculate and perfectly timed.”

from Local Secrets on THE SHAKESPEARE REVUE

“Alex Scott Fairley brings moving touches of remorse to the stiff role of Gerald, the quintessential upper-middle-class Englishman.”

from The Vienna Review on AN INSPECTOR CALLS

“The standout turn has to be that of Alex Scott Fairley, playing his  character as if Tom Hiddleston's Loki from the Marvel films had fallen on hard times. Like the rest of the show, it is a giant of a performance.”

from The Northamptonshire Telegraph on JACK AND THE BEANSTALK

“Alex Scott Fairley steals every scene he’s in as a rip-roaring Demon King: sneering, snarling and thoroughly relishing his nastiness…”

from The Stage on MOTHER GOOSE

“Alex Scott Fairley’s comic predators are a wonder, and his Joachim the Rattlesnake not only steals the show but has got to be one of the funniest comic performances of the Festival.”

from Musical Theatre Network on THE GRUFFALO

“Alex Scott Fairley beweist als solcher ungemeine Wandlungsfähigkeit und vielseitiges Können. Er schlüpft in jede beliebige Rolle, um der zu sein, den er gerade gibt…”

(“In the part, Alex Scott Fairley shows uncommon versatility and all-round ability. He effortlessly slips into every role he plays…”)

from Kultur und Wien on WAS IHR WOLLT / TWELFTH NIGHT

Proof-reading, Translating, and Writing Work

I studied English at Jesus College, Oxford, and graduated with a First. Part of my degree also included Latin, and I have an abiding love of language, wordplay and the art of translation. That, together with my obsessive precision and diligence, and the fact that I read voraciously, both as part of my day job as an actor, and outside of that, has led me to work as a proof-reader, translator and writer. 

My proof-reading clients have included academics from Universität Bern, in Switzerland, and the WU, the Vienna University of Economics and Business, students from University College London, and business clients such as the European Association for Passive Fire Protection, and the Structural Concrete Alliance.

I proof-read the majority of contributions to Springer Publishing’s

Sexual Orientation and Transgender Issues in Organizations - Global Perspectives on LGBT Workforce Diversity,

by Dr. Thomas Köllen, which were sourced from academics from around the globe.

I was also the proof-reader for Robert Marsden's book

Inside the Rehearsal Room: Process, Collaboration and Decision Making,

published by Methuen Drama in early 2022,

and, in late 2002, for Word After Word Press, proof-read Fiona Mason's memoir 

36 Hours.

"Alex has proof-read all my English language publications, and I have never received any language-related notes from any editor or publisher. As he is fluent in German, he is the perfect proof-reader for German native speakers. He is very reliable, rigorous, and committed, and a very easy person to deal with."

Dr Thomas Köllen, Vienna University of Economics and Business

"I would definitely recommend Alex as a proof-reader, because he not only revises translation or grammatical errors, but gives a personal note to the whole article. Highly recommended!"

Jessica Niedermair, University of Bern

Alex proof-read my PhD thesis and I cannot emphasise enough how wonderful and helpful he was. Alex's caring nature was a calming influence, and knowing how much dedication and expertise goes into his work allowed me to stay focused, and minimised my worries.”

Fiona Zisch, Expermiental Psychology, UCL

I have regularly undertaken translation work, from German to English, on behalf of Volkswagen, and co-translated Tall Stories’ stage version of The Gruffalo as Der Grüffelo, for Junges Theater Bonn. I’ve also contributed translated sections to other shows, concerts and exhibitions, such as Guildford Shakespeare Company's The Merchant of Venice, for the pianist duo Worbey and Farrell, and for the poet Anthony Fisher. 

"We love the cooperation we have had with Alex for several years. His translations are an important contribution to our e-learning elements, and Alex is very reliable, quick, and easy to work with."

Michael Sack, Director, Informations- und Qualificationssysteme GmbH, Braunschweig

For some years, I also worked as a bespoke essay writer, producing chapters on everything from the Shakespearean actress, and the comedy influences of Eddie Izzard, to analyses of texts such as Wide Sargasso Sea, The Crucible, and The Taming of the Shrew.

My current creative writing includes the musical Sweet, which is in development with the composer Danny Davies, and had a showcase performance at the Apollo Theatre in 2018.

I am also looking to publish my own set of children's stories, based on a village of dinosaurs, Dinosaur Dell.

There are twenty stories so far!

Teaching Work

Alongside my acting and writing work, I have always enjoyed teaching, as I love exchanging knowledge, and helping people to understand and enjoy things they’d never imagined they could. When I lead drama classes, I never tire of seeing people grow in confidence, or finding their voices, or just having fun!

As a freelance tutor, I’ve mainly taught individual pupils English literature, as well as German and French language, and Latin.

I’m an experienced drama workshop leader, and have designed several workshops for the company Stage-ed, on set texts such as The Crucible, Romeo and Juliet, 1984, An Inspector Calls, and A Christmas Carol, as well as Shakespeare’s language, styles of theatre, and folktale storytelling for children as young as four years old!

As a freelancer, I regularly lead drama classes and produce bespoke scripts for Pirrie Performing Arts in Perth.


Recently, I have also participated in movement laboratories for students at the Central School of Speech and Drama. 

"Alex is a fantastic facilitator and teacher. His depth and breadth of knowledge is absurd! He is a walking encyclopedia, and imparts his knowledge in a calm but enthusiastic manner. An excellent leader in the room, I would highly recommend him."

Ant Stones, Head of Education, Guildford Shakespeare Company

"When available, we always ask Alex to deliver our workshops. His delivery is world-class, as is his planning and workshop creation. his biggest testament is the feedback from teachers; the only criticism is there is only one of him!"

Mike Southern, Director, Stage-ed: Workshops With West End Professionals



Here you'll find some photos of me on stage.

And what I look like when I'm not pretending to be other people.

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